Zombie Realtor is a fun and colorful game from the category "killing time” Description of Gameplay:

Gameplay is so fascinating that you can play Zombie Realtor for hours.

At the beginning of each level the player is given a certain amount of money. On the map, randomly homes appear (from the most simple to the expensive ones). Home value varies between the lowest and the most expensive. The player's task is to buy a house at the lowest price and sell at the highest price. To buy a house you have simply to tap on it. Houses are constantly emerging and you need to keep up to operate more than one object, which requires considerable skill! After each level, you get one, two or three stars.

To help the player, from time to time bonuses appear on the map:
- Add a zombie on the map: the slowing of time by 5%;
- Get a discount: within 30 seconds the home to be purchased at a 30% discount;
- Improve the house: exterior of the purchased home is getting better, and the maximum value increases;
- Players can show off their achievements at Game Center.

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